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Friday, December 29, 2006

CTV's Broadband Network

In November, CTV landed the rights to stream both The O.C. and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on their Broadband Network site in Canada, available on-demand immediately after their respective television broadcasts. Full-length Studio 60 episodes are currently available on the NBC website, but only for American users.

I decided to try out this site on Thursday to watch an episode of The O.C. that I had missed. Broken down into five parts, each separated by a commercial for the release of the Superman Returns DVD (yes, shown four times), I found this a convenient, accessible way to stay caught up with one of my television favorites. Although I still prefer the comfort of my couch and larger-screen TV, I found the resolution crisp, the sound clear, and the streaming uninterrupted (no annoying "buffering" stops and starts). I also appreciated the fact that the shows were separated into sections, so I could easily find and rewatch just a moment of that particular episode online.

I am a firm believer in appointment television, but now and again, when I slip up, I am glad the Broadband Network is available to support my addiction.



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