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Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Little Slice of Europe: Bistro Praha

A few friends and I met up at Bistro Praha (10168 100A Street) for a late afternoon dinner on Saturday. I hadn't been back to the restaurant in some years, though I had been a frequent patron there in my late high school and early university days. The Rice Howard Way strip hosts a number of independent, ethnic eateries, including La Table de Renoir (French), Co Co Di (Lebanese), It's All Greek to Me (what else but Greek), and the Eastern European fare of Bistro Praha.

Small but cozy, Bistro Praha always seems to have a few groups of regulars in addition to more curious diners. With a prominent bar and counter along one side and furniture that could have been pulled from an old family pub, the dining room is comfortable and feels familiar somehow. Lighting is dim, but conducive, it seems, to the camaraderie of more boisterous customers, but protective also of the intimate conversations taking place at the tables for two.

I wish I could provide more detail about the menu items, but truth be told, I've always ordered the same entree - the Wiener Schnitzel "Cordon Bleu" (a slice of veal, edam cheese and ham breaded then fried). Served with green and potato salads, the meal is consistently satisfying. I decided to order the full plate, though when it arrived, I realized that in the past, I had only asked for the half order - the schnitzel was huge! Still, I managed to eat every crispy and tasty bite - a microwaved portion of leftovers really wouldn't have done the dish justice.

Stuffed, I wasn't able to order dessert, but the rest of the girls did. Janice said Bistro Praha's crepes were better than those served at The Creperie.

It was a nice meal overall - good food, attentive service, and not a bad place to catch up with friends. If you're in the area, give Bistro Praha a try!

Restaurant interior

Wiener Schnitzel "Cordon Bleu"

Peach Crepe

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Anonymous MasterMaq said...

Isn't "a late afternoon dinner" kind of an oxymoron?

January 11, 2008 at 9:26 PM  
Blogger Gravitas said...

A "late afternoon breakfast" = lunch, but I think it's possible to time a late afternoon dinner.

January 12, 2008 at 2:45 PM  

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