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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pursue the Moment

Have you noticed the recent Lexus "Pursue the Moment" marketing campaign? There is a commercial, for example, on television, which flashes through a series of events and images one might experience in life, urging viewers to live it up.

As affecting as the commercial can be, I'm much more taken by the one-page print ads, featured last week in The Globe & Mail. One such ad, accompanied by a landscape photo, reads:

"Would anyone buy a ticket to the movie of your life? Pack it full of moments. Make it glorious. Make it epic. Make it funny and sad and tender and outrageous. Make it a blockbuster. Fill it with laughs and adventures and special effects of your own design. Be the hero, fight the bad guys, get the girl. Make it colourful and spectacular and dramatic. Make it unique. Give it plot twists and a back-story and total surround sound. You're the director. You're the star. You'll get all the credit. Pursue the moment."

Cheesy, I know, but it struck a chord with me all the same. The phrasing of the text also reminds me of the ongoing right hand ring campaign - short, staccato sentences that build towards the tag line.

So, have you seized a moment lately?


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