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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random Entertainment Notes

  • Congratulations to the newly-engaged Celina Stachow & Josh Dean. Yes, I am an Edmonton-theatre-actor stalker.
  • Stewart Lemoine's At the Zenith of the Empire is being published in April by Newest Press.
  • I'm sure Dickson and Mack will be thrilled to learn about the new DVD Board Game based on High School Musical. It's in stores now! And for those of you who didn't know - the movie is also on ice!
  • "Snowy!" - anyone else excited for the upcoming Tintin movie?
  • My beloved TWOP was acquired by Bravo a few weeks ago. I'll choose to think that gives us legions of posters (and lurkers) an honest-to-goodness legitimacy.
  • Critics have been saying not to hold out for Studio 60. Though I'll be a Sorkin fan until the end, even I'll admit that he could do better. But I still hope they will air the remaining episodes. In the meantime, take a look at this hilarious bumper sticker.

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