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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Orange I Wasn't Glad: 9th Street Bistro

May, Annie and I met for brunch at 9th Street Bistro (9910-109 Street) this afternoon, meaning that I have now tried all types of meals at this restaurant (I was there for dinner not too long ago). I am also sad to say that each subsequent experience has been less impressive than the last.

I had read a review of their "Champagne Brunch" in See Magazine quite a while ago, and was left with a desire to try it out at some point. With a wide bank of windows, creaky floors, and aged furniture, the dining area is bright and infused with character. Though none of us actually chose to partake in alcohol this early in the day, it was a nice option. May ordered a kiwi and cream cheese omelet (an interesting, if not previously unheard of flavor combination), while Annie and I stuck with the more traditional French Toast, albeit with a citrus twist.

I think my ultimate dissatisfaction with my dish was due to my own shoddy reading of the menu description. But between the orange zest on the toast itself, to the Grand Marnier-reduced syrup, I felt I was served a cure for scurvy.

Combined with tolerable service, I think I've sampled enough of 9th Street Bistro fare for the time being. Time to move on!

Restaurant interior

Kiwi and cream cheese omelet

Grand Marnier French Toast

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