Optimistically Cautious

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"It might as well have been a holiday Monday"

I called Langano Skies on Sunday night with the intention of reserving a table for a group of us the next day, but it turned out the restaurant is closed Mondays. Anna attempted the same with a few eateries close by to no avail.

So nearly by default we ended up at Next Act Pub & Grill (8224 104 Street). Or should I say, everyone else did, as I arrived just as the flashes were going off. But with the magic of photos, it appears as if I had been there the entire time.


Unfortunately, I didn't get to visit much with Doug (and Jared) who had to leave, but after having my supper packed to go, the rest of us piled over to Michael's place to chat. Thanks for having us Michael!


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