Optimistically Cautious

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random Notes

  • Celebrate Dine Alberta by enjoying regional ingredients at 36 participating Edmonton eateries. I hope at some point the website will be able to provide more detail about the special menus at each restaurant.
  • Italians were encouraged to boycott pasta today to protest rising prices. I can't imagine such a movement will get very far.
  • After some exposure to Jamie At Home, I now want to start referring to zucchini as courgettes and arugula as wild rocket.
  • There was a really fascinating article in last week's See Magazine about a local group that organizes what is essentially hide-and-seek for adults. They set the boundaries, choose a "manhunter," allow players 120 seconds to run, and then the game begins. Those who play fall into two categories: those who enjoy being chased, and those who hide for dear life.
  • Every Friday, the Life section of the Globe & Mail showcases unique home accessories and decor items. One piece they highlighted was a "welcome" mat that suits your mood. Two others I enjoyed from the same website were the Sun Jar (like capturing a firefly, but better), and dinner plates that can truly reveal what you think about a particular guest (as well as cheekily interpreting the idea of "good china" and "bad china").



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