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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Canucks vs. the Oilers: No Contest

My sister Felicia was able to score Amanda and I discounted tickets to Friday night's Edmonton Oilers game against the Vancouver Canucks.

The seats ended up being very good - executive level - and just above the opposition's covered exit off of the ice (providing closeup views of Naslund and Ohlund. Whoo.). Unfortunately, that was about all we could "cheer for" that night - the Oilers were horrible. Garon let in a few weak shots, Luongo pulled out all the stops, and we were done.

I haven't been to an Oilers game in over a year, and I had forgotten how much fun hecklers can be. On another note, my sister and I were hoping for more cheese in the opening introductory video that runs just before the players skate through the derrick (remember the hilarious video of the Oilers mock-racing one another?). It seems this year they were content with shooting each of the players against a white background wearing their jeans and a jersey, without any gimmicks. That, like their play on Friday, also deserves a "boo".

I would like to go to at least one more game this season, and by that time, I hope for at least a winning record (we shoot low in the City of Champions).

Our view of the ice

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