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Monday, October 29, 2007

Food Notes

  • Ever wonder what master chefs would want as their last supper? Wonder no more. I have no idea about what most of Mario Batali is referring to, but I want it.
  • The science of ordering - Report on Business has a tidbit that the "prime space" on a one page menu is about a third of the way down, while on a two-page menu, is on the top third of the second page. I'll have to test this out the next time I'm faced with a tough food call.
  • I also just read about a restaurant in Switzerland called Blindekuh, run by employees who are blind. The entire restaurant is dark, and the menu is whispered into patrons' ears, introducing an experience that is supposed to heighten one's sense of taste.
  • The proliferation of steak houses in Edmonton continues. Vic's Steakhouse, based in the Mayfield Inn and Suites, opened this month. The most interesting about it - the head chef is 22 years of age.
  • Another restaurant that has been in the press is Viphalay, a Thai and Laos restaurant open since July. Boasting "authentic" food (though I don't know what that means anymore), it's a family-owned place that appears to be worth a second glance.
  • Christmas is coming to town early! Holiday drinks are back at Starbucks on November 1st, as is its fabulous Christmas-themed website.
  • River City Roundup, a celebration tied to the Canadian Finals Rodeo, runs from November 2-11. Besides a chili cook-off, country music, and many opportunities to dust off that cowboy hat, the restaurants of Original Fare will be offering "Dine Western" specials. Watch for details at the website.

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Know anything about a denim sale at the ramada?

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