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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Upright Consistency: Doan's Restaurant

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to "repeat post" about restaurants I've already reviewed, but in this case, I do have some new pictures, so it is worth blogging about.

Following the Festival, a few friends and I went to Doan's Restaurant, which I first wrote about in October. I'm quite uninspired about what to add to my previous review, but I do think this translates to a positive remark about Doan's, as the service, food quality, and ambiance all remained consistent.

However, even though the dining room itself is better taken care of, and the portions are larger, I still consider the southside Pagolac my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Edmonton. Pagolac is like a friend's basement - I feel comfortable sitting back, and enjoy the conversation that flows and is facilitated by a casual atmosphere. Because of the decor at Doan's, I am conscious of the need to sit upright, as the environment dictates more formal behavior.

Perhaps the way to go is Pagolac for dining in and Doan's for take out?

Dining room

Tea (still a rip off, but I used my "emergency tea bag" to make the pot stronger, without just asking for free hot water)

Wonton Soup for one (isn't it cute?)

Combination Grilled Beef Plate

Pho Tai for me (as always)


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