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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Surprisingly Efficient: Boston Pizza

Mack and I needed a quick dinner fix yesterday evening before our 8pm play, and passing up on several shady-looking neighborhood haunts, resigned to the nearby Boston Pizza (10543-124 Street).

I am ashamed that my food adventures in high school were limited to the downtown BPs on Jasper Avenue. It was our favorite eating establishment out of general laziness and naiveté to what the culinary scene had to offer. As such, I am now very reluctant to retread my adolescent dining roots and avoid the chain whenever possible. But on this night, our hands were tied, so between the Mr. Sub on the corner and the Oilers game beaming from the lounge inside, Boston Pizza was a welcome option.

As our time was limited, we made sure to check the prep time on our food, and on the server's promise that our medium pepperoni and mushroom pizza would be done in ten minutes, we watched the clock and waited.

And arrive it did(!) - hot, and on time - count me as both surprised and extremely pleased. Nor was it badly made (though I would have called for a tad more mushrooms).

Topped off with a friendly and cheerful waitress, I would highly recommend this off-the-beaten track Boston Pizza...who knew it could be a dining destination for the theatrically-inclined?

Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza

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