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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Not Quite Like Grandma's: Sicilian Pasta Kitchen

After the movie, both Janice and I were craving pasta (Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore were shown cooking and eating pasta dishes throughout the movie). We tried to come up with a non-South Edmonton Common eatery that offered Italian cuisine, and she suggested Sicilian Pasta Kitchen (805 Saddleback Road) on the south side, something I didn't know existed.

I had been to the downtown location before, and was fairly happy with their food and service. Janice said this neighborhood version was more casual and family-oriented than its central sister. She was right - the decor substituted dark wood for hand-painted murals, tiled countertops, and carpet. What was disconcerting, and not exactly suitable for Grandma's kitchen was the hostess - she couldn't have been older than 15, and was wearing a skirt and top more appropriate for a twenty-something bar patron than a greeter in a supposedly homey restaurant.

Thankfully, our waitress was properly attired. I ordered the Sacchetti Polo (satchels of chicken served with spicy ham and a garlic cream sauce), while Janice opted for the half and half pasta plate special (a novel idea, and great for sampling).

The portion size was fairly generous, but even now, I couldn't tell you what was actually contained in the satchels. Not quite chicken, and with hints of green, it tasted more like mashed potatoes mixed with spinach. Though I appreciated the crunch provided by sliced green beans, I found both the ham and the sauce to be rather bland. The dish reminded me of something the inexpensive Fiore would serve, and I expected more from Sicilian's pasta menu.

With decent service, and a quiet venue for conversation, I wouldn't be averse to returning again, but I'd likely order their thin crust pizzas the next time around.

Sacchetti Polo

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