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Thursday, February 01, 2007

"The O.C.": Down to the Wire

I watched the fourth-to-last episode of The O.C. today, and though I've already lamented over its cancellation, there is much to be said about the writers' insistence not to go softly into the good night.

As tonight's episode aptly demonstrated, Schwartz & Co. fully intend on stretching their creative rein as far as possible. In a series of cheesy-bordering-on-campy flashbacks, the audience is shown a young Summer and Seth, as well as how Kirsten and Sandy met all those years ago at Berkeley (spawning the aww-worthy phrase, "You've found your Sandy Cohen"). I love how Julie and Frank's relationship has developed gradually, which is quite unusual for the soapy drama. Lastly, Willa Holland has been the season's true surprise, playing 'Mini Coop' with a sass and grace Mischa Barton could only dream of. Her scenes of fatherly bonding with Bullit are pure gold, carefully mined for comic tenderness.

If you missed it, CTV Broadband should have the episode up by Friday. Three to go!



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