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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tidbits: Notes from Edmonton's Epicurean Scene

  • One of the city's oldest continuously operating restaurants has closed. The Silk Hat, established in 1912, has shut down due to the planned demolition of the building in favor of a new tower.
  • Vue Weekly printed a retraction last week for writing an incorrect story that El Rancho was closing. Mistakes happen, but I hope El Rancho doesn't lose any business from that unfounded rumor, especially since they are tucked and hidden away from the sight of a main thoroughfare.
  • There's a new cafe on the block: Axis Cafe (10349 Jasper Avenue) just had their grand opening on June 1. With positive press already, and a storefront that opens up onto the sidewalk, it may be worth a visit when you're looking for a cup of joe on a warm summer night.
  • CBC Centre Stage in Edmonton City Centre is presenting a series titled "Food Fight: Local vs Global" this week. Events of interest include restaurant cooking demos from 3:30-4PM with local chefs (June 12 - Home Fire Grill; June 13 - Wild Tangerine; June 14 - Bacon), and a celebrity taste off on June 15 to determine whether local, organic, or supermarket produce is tastier. Drop by if you're in the area!

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