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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Film: "Shrek the Third"

I just returned from Shrek the Third, the movie we watched to cap off Michael's farewell evening.

As with Pirates, though of less importance, I could only vaguely remember what had taken place in the movies prior. Perhaps because of lowered expectations going in, I did enjoy this third installment. Justin Timberlake, the new voice addition, was pitch perfect as the whiny, adolescent heir (who, in Doug's opinion, resembled Corey Feldman - you be the judge), and crowd favorites Donkey and Puss in Boots were their usual smile-inducing selves (they really could have their own movie). I will also admit to enjoying the princesses coming-of-age sequence (Snow White could be the X-Man who controls animals!). And with the exception of the Frog King's twice-over fake-out deaths, there were enough lighthearted, humorous moments to keep me entertained.

Though I didn't originally intend to catch this sequel in theatres, I didn't regret doing so.



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