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Monday, July 23, 2007

Back from Europe

As you may have gathered from my recent posts, I've returned safely from Europe - a little wiser and with, in my case, no wallet to speak of (more about this later). Between settling in and reading the seventh Harry Potter, I won't have too much time to blog this week, but when I do, I will be cheating and back dating all of my posts in an effort to minimize confusion between past and present escapades. For those of you without aggregators, I realize incessant checking of my blog will start to drag after a while, so I will post an "I'm finished" equivalent if you are of the patient kind, and can await the full documentation that is sure to take some time.

Returning from a holiday is always bittersweet - seeing my family and sleeping in my own bed are nice, but the harsh reality of having to return to work and routine on Monday morning is a jolting reminder that the vacation mentality must cease immediately. It's also funny how the seemingly mundane - being able to communicate in simple terms, not having to pay to use the facilities, ordering tap water free of charge at restaurants, and yes, even the hooks on the back of bathroom doors - become things that you appreciate and no longer take for granted at home.

So, hope everyone had a good few weeks in the heat wave, and I'll begin posting soon.



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