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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Only for the View: Riverside Bistro at Courtyard Marriott

Annie, Janice, May and I finally followed through on our year-long quest to eat at the Courtyard Marriott's Riverside Bistro (99 Street & Jasper Avenue).

Meeting for brunch on a grey Saturday, it wasn't the best weather to enjoy one of the best views of the city, but it did make us appreciate one of the last true summer weekends (Annie spotted some leaves on trees below that were already changing color). It was a bit chilly out, so we opted to eat indoors, but we made the most of it with a nice corner table with a great view of the river valley. The restaurant was surprisingly quiet, as we shared the dining room with only one other table. It was a sign.

I was disappointed that the Bistro didn't offer a brunch menu, but I made do with the Alberta Beef Dip and a side of lentil chicken curry soup. The dish was far from what I would expect from a hotel restaurant. The soup was good, and the beef was all right, but the bread had obviously been flash-thawed from the freezer, resulting in a soggy and half-baked bun. Janice and May found their food sub-par as well.

Moreover, service was sporadic throughout our meal, as our waiter was apparently also the only bartender available, and was therefore forced to go back and forth between the dining room and two weddings taking place at the hotel that afternoon. He did his best to juggle his tasks, but things were inevitably missed.

Thus, the patio, and not the food, ended up being the main attraction. It reminded me of (television reference) Lauren's Laguna Beach house, and with a built-in bar and awning, would function as a great venue for an intimate celebration.

So buyer beware - I would recommend drinks at Riverside under ideal conditions.

Dining room


Alberta Beef Dip

Janice's Grilled Pork Loin Burger

May's Maple Barbequed Salmon

Annie's Zinfandel Fruit Salad


View from the patio

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