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Monday, October 15, 2007

"Entrenched in the war room": Mr. Rice Wins!

I just got back from what turned out to be a celebratory party at Mr. Rice's residence (I will never be able to bring myself to call him "George"), in his successful run to become the Edmonton Public School trustee for Ward G.

I had distributed some flyers on his behalf this weekend, and thus was invited to join others who had helped him out on the campaign trail. Mack and I arrived just before 8pm to a packed house full of many staff and administrators from my high school years. After a few hellos, we headed upstairs to what eventually became the "war room" - Mr. Rice's study with a monitor and a television screen. I don't think Mack's finger strayed too far from the mouse all night, in order to constantly refresh the Edmonton Election results, with the supporters in the room eager to call a victory. I must admit it was a pretty neat, albeit nerve wracking, experience to be a part of, and all the more so when I thought of all of the other "little campaigns that could" likely also gathered around screens in homes across the city.

By 9:30, all 37 polls in Ward G had reported, and Mr. Rice was declared the "unofficial" winner, with 36% of the votes (and hey, we reached a voter turnout of 26.8% - great job, Edmonton!).

Congratulations Mr. Rice!

Status update: Priceless photo.

The winner!

Ms. Smarsh gets creative with her t-shirt.

Already on the phone with his constituents...

All smiles! (more pictures here)

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