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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2008 Fringe: The Big Kahuna

As reported in Tuesday's Edmonton Journal, the annual theatre festival is going without the word "Fringe" in their name. The 2008 theme is "The Big Kahuna", and will legitimize, at least for two weeks next summer, shopping in one of the many surfing-label clothing shops, which continue to curiously proliferate in this landlocked city (Hollister, Quicksilver, etc.).

In her article, Liz Nicholls hints at Festival Director Julian Mayne's desire to signify a change. But with last year's stalwart camps of those against the new ticketing system and those more willing to embrace change, it seems Mayne will be bending a little to tradition, as dependent on financing, "all sales are happening at the door," with the assistance of computer technology at each venue.

The complete list of production companies selected through the lottery system has yet to be uploaded onto the official Fringe website, but after it is, I will be eagerly combing through it to check if any of my recognizable favorites made the cut.

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