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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Random Notes

  • Joining the ranks of Dinner Revolution and Passionate Plate is Tasty TakeAways. Profiled in this week's Vue Weekly, it is another local venture offering pre-packaged meals for those seeking home cooked goodness in the midst of their busy lives.
  • Lining up for my morning fix last week at Starbucks, I encountered a young man handcuffed to a coffee stand claiming he wanted to be considered their "customer of the month." The police actually showed up a few minutes later, but it turned out it was just a stunt by a Bounce intern. So random.
  • More on Starbucks: due to pressure from retailers, Starbucks is testing $1 "short" drip coffees and free refills in the Seattle area.
  • I subscribe to an electronic mailing list advertising events taking place at the City of Edmonton Attractions, and even I had to do a double take when I read this one: speed dating for local singles at the zoo. Sure, the idea might be novel, but I found the image of singles mingling among cages quite amusing.
  • In a case of unfortunate timing (or clever scheduling?), look at what's playing at Metro Cinema on Valentine's Day.
  • 4 teams are set to begin the regular season in Europe next year. Perhaps it would have been a good idea for the NHL to consult the NHLPA first.
  • Even though the polls made such results inevitable, I am still disappointed that Hillary Clinton had such a poor showing in South Carolina on Saturday. Still, I remain cautiously optimistic as the countdown to Super Tuesday begins.


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