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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Food Notes

    A supersized version to make up for a lack of food notes last week:

    • I've been found: Kerstin's Chocolates linked to my blog post about The Cocoa Room on the News events of their website.
    • Rumor, as reported by Bob Mac on Chowhound: "the folks from Luxe are opening a lounge in the space below the reovated condos formerly occupied by Terry Vaugn's Sports Bar." Hmm...
    • Edmonton has a new-ish independent coffee house: The Wired Cup (9418 91 Street) is part cafe (serving coffee made from Transcend beans and tea from Steeps) and part gift store.
    • Speaking of coffee, Starbucks announced their acquisition of The Coffee Equipment Company, makers of the $11,000 Clover coffee maker. Besides phasing in Clover machines into their stores, they will also be introducing a rewards program and an online community.
    • Judy Schultz was back this week with a Bistro column on the Grueneberg family behind Greens, Eggs and Ham.
    • I like the idea of alternative dining areas - in Calgary, Vue Cafe offers art alongside their open kitchen, and the Calgary Zoo offers brunch on Sundays!
    • If you're looking for a local farmer's market to tide you over until the City Centre resumes operation in May, look no further than the Salisbury Greenhouse in Sherwood Park. A list of about 30 vendors is here (I love that they've done their best to take pictures of the majority of the vendors as well).
    • Via Serious Eats, a quote in the New Yorker worth considering from chef David Chang on the internal pressures he faces: "It's not that I'm not happy; I'm just fearful for the future. I'm fearful that everything's gonna be taken away. Fear is a driving force for most of the things that I do. I don't know if that's healthy." So honest.
    • Chang is one of the five chefs nominated in the "Best Chef: NYC" category for the prestigous James Beard Awards. Nice to see Gramercy Tavern nominated, if not only because I had the privilege of eating there in December, and even nicer to see Canadian Trish Magwood's book Dish Entertains up for an award.
    • After reading what a New York Times writer did with food purchased from local 99cent stores, I'm tempted to attempt a similar experiment.
    • Iron Chef America is being turned into a video game. It was only a matter of time, I guess. But then again, if I can "be" Bobby Flay, I can't say I wouldn't give it a try!
    • I can't speak highly enough of Route 99 Diner (8820 99 Street). Comfortable, clean, offering good service and greasy spoon favorites, if you need a quick meal, look no further than Route 99. Here are a few photos to whet your appetite:

    Grilled Ham & Cheese

    Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza


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