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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not as Advertised: Pizzeria Prego

I posted earlier this month about Pizzeria Prego (5860 111 Street), specifically about wanting to try what I have been calling their "breakfast pizza." The Sunrise, one of their many unique offerings, is advertised as being topped with zesty tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, scrambled egg, cheddar and tomatoes.

Mack and I decided to give Prego their due on Friday. I called just after 5:30pm to place an order, and was surprised when told that our pizza would be ready in 20 minutes. Perhaps it was the fact that they were open at all on a holiday, but we thought the supper rush would have had us waiting at least half an hour. Though I opted for the regular crust, I liked the fact that we had a few options to choose from, including whole what, sesame flax, and sunflower & pumpkin seed (they also sell frozen pizza dough for those interested).

We arrived at their Lendrum strip mall location after 6pm. They have a handful of tables set up for those wanting to eat in, but I'm certain the majority of their business is take-out and delivery-based. We were immediately greeted by a staff member, and provided with a plain white box, which appeared to be the only pizza on stand-by. The box had been sitting on what resembled a hot plate, but there were no heat lamps in sight.

Though we'll gladly take some of the blame for not picking up the pizza more promptly, Mack would have preferred a hotter pie. I was more disappointed in the disparity between what was advertised on their website and flyer and the toppings that we were presented with. The sauce wasn't "zesty" by any definition, the eggs were of the hard boiled and not scrambled variety, and there wasn't a tomato in sight. A smattering of herbs (basil or perhaps parsley) would have added some nice color and freshness as well. On the bright side, the bacon was crisp and flavourful, and the crust was crunchy and just lightly oiled. It was also unusual that they decided to cut the slices into squares instead of the more typical triangles; that is something I would specifically request if we were to return to Prego in the future.

Pizzeria Prego does have a few more varieties I'd be interested in trying (the Spudizza for one: pizza dough brushed with garlic parsley butter, seasoned mashed potatoes, cheddar and real bacon bits), but at $22.49 for a large Sunrise, it definitely wouldn't be an everyday indulgence.


In box, will travel

Sunrise pizza

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Blogger Shermie said...

The "gluten free" pizza listed on the menu cover sounds interesting, considering how much coverage celiac disease has gotten lately.

March 24, 2008 at 7:05 PM  

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