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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Still not Impressed: Sorrentino's Little Italy

Partly because I wanted to check out Zocalo's flower selection, and partly because I had a Sorrentino's gift card to use, Mack and I ended up at the Little Italy location of Sorrentino's (10844 95 Street) on Friday night.

This was my third trip to a Sorrentino's in the past six months or so (reviews of my other visits are here), and I still can't figure out how they have managed to develop the reputation they have. While their food is never outright disappointing, I have never been blown away by their service, meals, or ambiance.

The location in Little Italy is the most casual and informal one that I have been to, but was actually a lot smaller than I anticipated. A hearth on one side, a bar tucked in the back corner, aged wood, and checkered red and white table cloths did their job of conveying a homey feel. For a Friday evening however, the restaurant was surprisingly empty. Throughout our meal, just two parties rotated through - I had to wonder if it was even worth it for the Sorrentino's Group to keep this location open.

At any rate, the current Garlic Festival meant we had additional menu choices (I loved the advertising slogan - "All you need is clove"). Mack ended up ordering the Ravioli Pollo ($17), sliced chicken and ravioli tossed in a lemon pepper garlic cream sauce, while I chose the Mamma's Lasagna ($14.25) off of the regular menu, hoping it would be just as cheesy as the time I had it at the southside location.

Our plates arrived in no time. Mack enjoyed his pasta, and the definite garlic flavour that came with it. My lasagna, however, wasn't completely warmed through, and being the cheese monger that I am, I was looking for more than just a token sprinkling of parmesan.

If someone knows what I'm missing about Sorrentino's, I'm willing to be englightened. But as it stands, I still can't see the appeal of what has turned out to be just a locally-owned chain of forgettable restaurants.


All you need is clove!

Ravioli Pollo

Mamma's Lasagna

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