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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ruth's Chris Steak House

I passed by Ruth's Chris Steak House (9990 Jasper Avenue) today. It is located in the old CIBC building, which makes it just a hop, skip, and jump away from Century Hospitality Group's widely successful Lux Steakhouse & Bar. This location is the franchise's first venture into Western Canada. And for those of you who were wondering (I certainly was), the phonetically-challenging moniker is a result of the founder, Ruth Fertel, merging her name with the first eatery she purchased, originally called "Chris Steak House."

It appears to be quite an upscale joint (a large "valet parking" sign is staked out front), but whomever drafted this awkward description on the website should be fired:

"Our historic setting includes private dining in former bank vaults, surrounded in two feet of concrete and six ton vault doors yet with a very spacious feeling."

I can hear Jay Leno's mocking voiceover now - "'Honey, there's no one I'd rather be trapped with in a concrete cell.'"

I'm not sure when I'll be in the market for a premium steak, but when it happens, I will be sure to post a review of the experience.


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