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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Holt Renfew & Seven for All Mankind Jeans

On Christmas Adam, May and I headed to Holt Renfrew and committed ourselves to a shopping trip that involved more than a cursory glance at their products. Although a friend of mine works there, I still get intimated - I feel that the clerks can see through me and know that I don't belong amongst the racks of Marc Jacobs, DVF, and Theory.

My aim that day was to buy a pair of designer jeans. I have only owned one pair up to that point - a casual pair of James Jeans that I picked up on sale at Caban a few years ago. Since then, I have been considering other brands, and as of late have been gravitating towards Seven for All Mankind. The 'original' premium denim line, I consider it an entry-level label, particularly when compared with the pricier Citizens of Humanity, Rock & Republic, and True Religion designs. I wanted a classic pair that could breach the line between casual and dressy, and I thought the bootcut, New York Dark wash fit this bill exactly. Not dark enough that fading with subsequent washes would be a big issue, the jeans fit well, and with complementary alterations from Holt, would be ready for a night out on the town in a week.

The purchase was placed in a highly coveted magenta shopping bag. Honestly, I couldn't say at that point which I was more enamored with - the jeans or the bag. I had read an article about Holt's brand overhaul a few months ago, but was too far removed to understand and appreciate the allure of this image. After my own brush with the pink, however, I can say that yes, the bag can very well be a status symbol if treated as such (the fashion equivalent of a Starbucks cup, haha).

In January, I brought the jeans back after work one day to get them hemmed. While the clerk assisting me was quite helpful, I will say that I was disappointed with the other saleswoman on the floor, who quite obviously looked me up and down and did not hide the look of disdain on her face. It is moments like this that discourage future shopping trips at Holt Renfrew (Aritizia or City Centre Mall's Get Set would be friendlier alternatives).

At any rate, I have enjoyed my Sevens so far, and while it may be an empty vow, I will try to contain new purchases of premium denim, at least for a while.

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