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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Quietly Authentic: Sushi Wasabi

Following the play, Annie and I went to Sushi Wasabi (5714-111 Street) for dinner.

Tucked away in the Lendrum strip mall, I was somewhat surprised that such a nondescript eatery could draw the constant patronage that it did that night. And this led to one of the downsides of the restaurant - because of the table demand (and limited seating), we weren't able to dawdle and chat as long as we would have liked.

Annie assured me that their food was very authentic, which explained to some degree their higher-than-average prices. Thankfully, I managed to find something on the menu that didn't involve raw food or fish - the Shichmiyaki Chicken (chicken marinated in Teriyaki sauce served with bean sprouts). I also ordered a side of Miso Soup. Annie opted for the Bento Box, which also came with Miso Soup.

Before our food came, the waitress brought hot towels for us. I felt like I was on a Singapore Airlines flight! It was nicely refreshing. Our soups arrived shortly after, which I found less salty than Kyoto's version. As for the chicken - it was definitely better than Mikado's beef equivalent. Lightly fried, then cooked with Teriyaki sauce, the morsels were delightfully crispy and delicately flavored. And though the portion size was fair, on hungrier nights, I'd likely order an appetizer for good measure.

With great service and good food, I can see why Sushi Wasabi is so popular and in such high regard.

Restaurant interior

Miso Soup

Bento Box

Shichmiyaki Chicken

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