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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Never usually one with great timing, turns out my 24 post earlier this week showed a bit of foresight. Today's Edmonton Journal printed an article originally conceived for the Colorado Springs Gazette all about Jack's handy bag from season 5:

"they can hardly keep the bag in stock. Both men and women are buying it. It was a big hit at Christmas and now, with the sixth season premiering Sunday and Monday night, orders are pouring in. 'I mean people are saying things like, 'Thank God I found one. My husband wants one, my son wants one, I want one.''

Jeffrey is just a tad mystified, not being a die-hard fan. But his brother Michael is a fan. And it's kind of embarrassing for Jeffrey to relay this, but he does, anyway, for the sake of capitalism: 'Michael is always saying, 'What would Jack do?' I mean, he’s 61.'"

And for $24 US, you too can be like Jack.

Jack's man-purse (photo from NewYorkFirst.com)



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