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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Gilmore Girls" Movie?

That's right, folks! Though I will remain cautiously optimistic at least until the actors have been tied to a contract, TV Guide's David Ausiello seems to think a Gilmore Girls movie to conclude the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino-style, is a viable possibility:

"In the next year or two, she hopes to make — wait for it — a two-hour Gilmore Girls TV-movie that ties up all those loose threads! I nearly fell over when she said it — especially given what she told me back in December. (BTW, lest you think Amy was pulling my leg, her partner in life and in showbiz, Dan Palladino, confirmed that a GG reunion pic is something they're interested in pursuing.)"

There is precedence for this (FOX's cancelled Firefly spiraling into a major motion picture), but I'm not sure it would work as well, even on the small screen, for this little show that could. Personally, I had made amends with Gilmore's cancellation, so the false hope such a teaser brings is disrupting my mourning process.

So as with the up-fronts, all we can do is wait...



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