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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sterling Awards Nominations

This year's Elizabeth Sterling Hayes Awards nominations were announced last week. Recognizing the best in local theatre, the nominees span the gamut from risky productions (Catalyst's Frankenstein) to heartfelt dramas (Theatre Network's Closer and Closer Apart) to experimental, edgy material (Citadel's The Pillowman).

I don't feel as if I am in a position to pick the winners, as I haven't seen all of the shows listed (Frankenstein would have been hit or miss with me, but I regret not seeing it for all of its critical acclaim), but I am happy to see some names singled out that I did have the pleasure to watch on stage this season. James DeFlice and Patrick Howarth were great in Closer and Closer Apart and Dreamland Saturday Nights, respectively, and I can't disagree with Andrea House's nomination for her supporting role in David Belke's The Raven and the Writing Desk because she is just that good. Lastly, what can I say about 10 Days on Earth that I haven't already? Simply amazing.

Teatro La Quindicina is glaringly absent from the ballot (both in productions and their family of actors), but as with most entertainment awards, comedies are as a whole ignored in favor of the dramatic. Maybe next year.

Winners will be announced at the gala on June 25.



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