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Monday, June 11, 2007

More "Sex & the City" Movie News

Furthering a story I posted about late last year, Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed that a movie version of Sex & the City is in the works:

"Speaking on TV show Entertainment Tonight, she said, 'This is a very complicated puzzle to put back - not for the reason that people speculate about because as far as I know all of the actresses want to be together again for this movie. Somehow in my brain I think the timing is fortuitous because if we had done it years ago... we couldn't have done it now. I'm hopeful and very excited about it.'"

The IMDB page for the movie has the release date pegged to be 2008. I'm not holding my breath until someone other than Parker speaks about the film (in particular Kim Cattrall, who's rumored riff with Parker was the reason a movie immediately following the television finale was quashed), but based on both her and Kristen Davis' lack of upcoming projects, I'm sure any work that would push them back into the pop culture spotlight would be a welcome assignment.

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