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Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Fringe Buzz

Colin Maclean wrote an article in Friday's Edmonton Sun that further describes how the addition of the online ticketing system may affect the Fringe. An excerpt:

"...some feel strongly that the essence of the event is being destroyed. Will the creative mayhem disappear? Will people just buy tickets to, say, the latest David Belke play (The Headshot of Dorian Gray - Holy Anglican Church) and then go home when it's over? Isn't much of what drives the Fringe the discussion in the beer tent or in the lineup, the comparing of notes, the excitement of finding something new and the development of unexpected hits as the 11 days go on?

"Or how about just hanging out? Will you still be able to make up your own Fringe as it goes along aided by the buzz of friends (and strangers)? Will the popular ones (The Power of Ignorance\the annual Grant MacEwan Musical\Rainer Hersch) sell out before the Fringe even begins and if you can't get into at least one of the biggies, is it worthwhile going down at all?
I have talked to a number of people who feel so strongly about it they are not Fringing this year."

He does go on to say that the possibility exists that even more tickets will be sold with the new system - more friendly for first-time Fringers, for example, and without the headache of anticipatory lineups at the door.

A friend of mine called me an "old biddy" when I expressed my hesitations at embracing this change. I know I said that I would hold out judgment until the end of the Fringe, and I will do my best, but I am enjoying reading and debating about this pre-festival buzz nonetheless.

On a related note - I recorded my one and only podcast around this time last year, to test out Mack and Dickson's Podcast Spot. You can listen to my Fringe podcast here.



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