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Sunday, January 21, 2007

"24": Season 6 Initial Thoughts

Jack's back(!) in the adrenaline-pumping, non-stop thrill ride known as 24.

As per prior seasons, it appears the central focus of this day will be preventing a nuclear attack (is it just me, or have warheads become blasé for other seasoned 24 watchers?). But now that the show has matured, and we're on to POTUS #3, it's interesting to be able to compare the leaders, asking, "What would David do?" or, God forbid, "What would Charles do?" and wonder if Wayne Palmer's insecurities are any worse than Logan's.

I continue to be fascinated by the mainstays of the show, including the steady erosion of civil liberties, the astonishing viral corruption apparent in all levels of public service, the ethical and moral dilemmas faced by the CotS (Civilian-of-the-Season), and of course, how "we're securing a 10-block parameter around the scene" still means erecting a barrier of swiss cheese.

I also love the director's ability to flawlessly point to character relationships - a flash of Karen Hayes' ring to indicate her engagement to Bill Buchanan, or Sandra Palmer's call to her brother in high office. And speaking of characters, there has been an interesting array of casting choices so far this season: Peter MacNicol of Ally McBeal fame ("I like a clean bowl!"), as a suspicious Presidential advisor; Shaun Majumder, a former host on the children's television network YTV, as an Islamic fundamentalist martyr; and Kal Penn, one half of the Harold & Kumar duo who spent the length of a movie searching for a burger, as a terrorist recruit. It's also worth noting that Mary Lynn Rajskub looks great this year; Chloe is really coming into her own.

Lastly, the real reason why I watch this show: to uncover, while mourning the loss of Jack's man-purse, how it is possible for Kiefer to look equally good in a casual long-sleeved tee and a dress shirt.

Episode 5 airs tomorrow night!



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