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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Notes on Food

  • The "supper club" concept seems to be picking up steam down south. And by south, I mean Calgary. Restaurant by day and club at night, Blink Restaurant and Supper Club opened up a few months ago to lukewarm reviews. It has since revamped its menu (via Alberta Venture), which is improving its reputation some, but perhaps Albertans just aren't able to wrap their brains around fine dining-then-dancing all in the same place.

  • Though probably not as accurate as Vue Weekly's Golden Forks, voting for Where Edmonton's "Most Memorable Meals" has begun. Cast your ballot here.

  • The third in Scott McKeen's series highlighting his favorite haunts was published last week, but it's hard to give a guy who would recommend Pho Hoa to the unsuspecting public credibility.

  • The photography in Australia's Donna Hay Magazine makes Martha Stewart Living look like amateur hour. The pictures are so beautiful I'm tempted to get a subscription to look forward to drooling on a bimonthly basis.

  • More on coffee than food, but has anyone else noticed that Starbucks is now producing greeting cards? On a visit a few weeks ago, I saw Father's Day cards for sale next to their display of baseball and golf-themed mugs. First toys, then music, now cards. What's next?



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