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Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Cooking Chronicles: Egg, Cheese and Hot Dog Bake

Needing a quick supper idea, and knowing that I had some leftover hot dogs and buns in my fridge, I remembered a Real Simple recipe for an egg, cheese, and sausage bake, and decided to modify it based on what I had on hand.

Substituting hot dogs in place of Italian sausage, green peppers instead of onions, and adding a few cherry tomatoes that I had meant to eat in a salad, it was a very easy recipe to pull together. The final product was all right - it was essentially a quiche-like casserole, the egg-soaked bread pieces ending up tasting like French toast, and overall helped round-out the dish. My family wasn't as enthused about the bake, but each to their own, right?

I'd say this is a good brunch pick, or one to make if you have children coming over for dinner.

Egg, Cheese and Hot Dog Bake

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