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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Heritage Festival 2007

After a mediocre (and expensive) showing of food at the Taste of Edmonton, I was really looking forward to the reasonably-priced variety at the Heritage Festival.

Dancers at the Azerbaijan site

Sure, there are cultural pavillions filled with neat artifacts and intricate handicrafts, and a veritable panoply of eye-catching entertainment, but I would be lying if I proclaimed anything other than the food to be my main reason of attendance.

Every year, I go through the menu with every intention of trying something new, and yet, once on the grounds, underneath the hot sun and facing lines unending, I end up retreating back to my reliable standbys: gelato from Italy (the Bacio wasn't refreshing, but it was chocolate-y goodness!) and langos (fried bread dough) from the Hungarian pavilion.

Langos (a hazard to eat for those wearing dark colors)

My sister's Falafel from the Arab pavilion

Our Contiki Tour Manager had urged us to try Dutch pancakes while we were in Amsterdam, but my friends and I weren't able to locate a stand selling this specialty. So I figured I'd finally get my kicks at the Holland pavilion. Unfortunately, the poffertjes, at least in this incarnation really were nothing special, tasting like mini pancakes made from dry mix dusted with icing sugar.


Still, as Edmonton's summer festivals go, this is one of my favorites. What better place to pick up inexpensive souvenirs and trinkets?

Dickson getting his fortune read at the Chinese pavilion

Mack wears his special hat

There's one more day to check out the fun. Just remember to bring a donation for the Food Bank!

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Blogger Vitality said...

I see you also passed on the spring rolls and ginger beef as well :)

August 9, 2007 at 10:11 PM  

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