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Monday, September 03, 2007

Sylvan Lake Day Trip

On Saturday morning, Jenn and I joined May on a day trip to Sylvan Lake in celebration of her birthday.

The weather was perfect for the drive - sunny but not overly warm. We reached our destination within the estimated two hours, and after parking the car, wandered around town.


Jenn does her best at channeling rehab-ready starlets (Hoodie? Check. Large sunglasses? Check. Oversized bag? Check.)

Jenn's bag. Too cute.

Rain had been forecasted for the day, so we were a tad surprised at how sunny it turned out to be. But because none of us had brought swimming gear along, we had to make do with eating and shopping - overall, not a bad way to spend a lazy Saturday.


We had lunch at the Bayview Cafe (5100 Lakeshore Drive), situated next to the Lake on the ground floor of the Chateau Suites. The food was of the heat-and-serve variety, but for a light lunch, didn't end up being too bad at all.

My Cannelloni

May's Rotini

Jenn and her Breakfast Wrap

May and I pose with her Whimsical Cupcakes (which I picked up at the City Centre Market that morning)

For dessert, we couldn't pass up a visit to The Big Moo (4603 Lakeshore Drive), a retro ice cream parlour on the town's main strip. With checkered floors, a large yellow menu board, and an ice cream counter that seems to go on forever, it's a fun way to revive one's childhood spirit.

My scoop of White Moccachino

Jenn and May enjoy their treats on the water

We were amazed when we looked at our watches to find out that it was already past 5 - time flies, especially during these last days of summer. Happy birthday May!

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