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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Potluck

I've been exposed to the concept of potlucks ever since I can remember, with family friend gatherings always centering around the communal sharing of dishes. Just this year though, my peers and workmates have chosen this as a constant alternative to eating out, particularly to celebrate the holidays. Though it's not exactly a sign of growing up, it is interesting to note that just a few years ago, the thought of holding a potluck with friends was foreign to me. I will, however, have to be careful not to overdose on the idea, as cooking may begin to be a drag.

Anyway, on Saturday night, I got together with a few coworkers for a potluck Christmas party, and might I say it was enjoyable. It seems that as long as the numbers are contained, the gathering can remain a personal event. And yes, the food was great!

Food! Food!


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