Optimistically Cautious

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I couldn't in good conscience post about Oscar and not about our first non-aquatic pet, Friend.

A small grey, sweet-tempered rabbit, Friend was our family companion for many years. He stood on his hind legs to greet us, had an early habit of running circles around those he wanted to show affection to, and loved to cuddle and settle comfortably in laps.

We tried to let him enjoy our fenced yard as much as possible in the summer. Many lazy afternoons were spent chasing him around the backyard, watching him dig holes with glee, or snapping pictures as he lounged around on his stomach. Besides carrots, fresh strawberries and bananas were his favorite treats.

I do miss having a rabbit around the house. It has been over a year since Friend passed, but I haven't been able to bring myself to get another yet, and Oscar's a handful all on his own.

Wherever you are, Friend, I'm sure there is an abundance of grass, dandelions, and carrots to keep you happy!


Friend indoors.

As relaxed as can be.


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