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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Buffet: Sutton Place Hotel

This afternoon, my organization held it's annual holiday party. As was the case last year, our lunch was held in one of the meeting rooms in the Sutton Place Hotel (10235-101 Street), with access to the Grande Ballroom where the main buffet was set up.

At $26.50 per person, it may seem pricey on the outset, but considering the type of food available, and the upscale elegance of the setting, it is fairly reasonable. The menu included roast turkey, baked salmon, beef tourtiere, and a variety of cold seafood platters. Although the spread was similar to last year's offerings, I do believe the quality had much improved (granted, the mere act of conjuring up superlatives to describe this year's lunch may have colored my perspective slightly). In particular, I found myself favoring the cheese perogies and carved ham. For dessert, I chose a slice of chocolate mousse cake (incorrectly labeled "double chocolate"), and as Rachel Ray would say: "Yum-o!"

Props to my coworkers who had created a Christmas-themed Jeopardy game to follow our meal. It was incredibly well put-together, with questions sampling Yuletide songs, pop culture, and charades.
Overall, it was a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon away from the office.

Table setting

Buffet line up

My plate!

Chocolate mousse cake


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