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Saturday, December 09, 2006

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Some may consider this early, while others will wonder why so late, but I finally managed to put up our family Christmas tree this weekend.

We've been thinking about buying a pre-lit or fiber optic tree in the last few years, but every December, when our reliable fir is up and decorated, I can't complain. We did purchase LED lights last year, but other than that, the tinsel, ornaments, and collective nostalgia the tree brings with it have remained the same.

Especially because I'm getting older, I do think there's something special about year after year, hanging the same hand-crafted ornament I made when I was six. Or even just handling ornaments that have been around for as long as I can remember - like the tattered paper Muppet cutouts that have lasted alongside heartier plastic reindeer and Santas.

I may be a slave to tradition, but this is something that I do not want to mess with. My inner six-year old thanks me.

Our family tree


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